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Many organizations and businesses have web sites that display information about themselves and their members, services and/or products. In many cases, information that appears has been written directly into the web page program file. RSmart allows you to retain your current website yet easily incorporate the power and flexibility of a data-driven website.

In partnership with the RSmart design team, you can create a powerful web presence using dynamically created web pages allowing visitors to search for members or products, order or purchase products or services, register for events, renew memberships, update personal information, and much more using information files that you may update at any time to allow you to control the content and actions of any web page.

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Single Use Forms...

There may occasions when you wish to collect information from members, customers, or the general public using a web form accessable for a limited period of time. Common uses for single use forms might be to perform surveys, conduct on-line association voting, collect membership payments during a specific renewal period, etc. Using RSmart, you can quickly have any type of single use form without having to modify your existing website.

The RSmart design team can assemble any web form you wish with options to have form submissions e-mailed directly to you, saved to a downloadable information file, or both. Additionally, if used in conjuction with information files, you can control access to any form as well as have sections of a form automatically completed based on information file contents.

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Re-designing Your Website...
Is your current website looking a little tired? RSmart can re-develop your existing website to provide you a fresh look and feel, sophisticated menu systems, as well as superior web page editing ability from your home or office computer using RSmart design software.



Sharing Information on the Web...
If your organization is associated to other organizations, RSmart can develop a custom secure 'hub' site allowing hub members to share information contained in data files as well as use the hub site to exchange ideas in a bulletin board fashion.





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